Longer post

Welcome to my longer blog post 😀

First of all, todays topics:

1. my „journey“ with lenovo T420

2. webhosting kotrcka.de

3. why I am using gopher

4. fast food


1. Lenovo T420 As you might already know, I am an owner of refurbished Lenovo T420 laptop. Nothing fancy, it was one of the cheapest (and I also bought it with discount in one of those specialized resellers of refurbished laptops here in Prague <1>) about 10 days ago. Why? Because I wanted a machine for testing, playing, a spare laptop without a need to reinstall my primary one. It turned out that this Lenovo is almost the same as my primary one, same CPU, etc. Right now I purged SSD and RAM from my Macbok Pro, so it is even closer to my Dell with 8 GB of RAM and 120 GB SSD.

Compatibility: well, to be honest, I was not expecting that it will be so well supported. Every major OS is working almost without any issue. To be more exact:

OpenBSD: I will start with my main OS on this laptop as of today, December 23rd. Every piece of HW just works. OK, I am not sure about things like firewire or webcam, because I do not need those. But other than that, you can not tell what kind of OS is this, desktop apps are working with acceleration, sound is sounding, keyboard is keyboarding, even multimedia keys are working without any setup (in CWM, which is not exactly a heavy desktop environment),

What am I using? CWM, as I said earlier. This is now my primary window manager, it is lightweight, I like those few easy to remember shortcuts (I only need a shortcut for „spawn“ and resize and quit, so…), I like that it is a part of the system (otherwise I would install bspwm which I am using on my second computer and it is set up very well by Manjaro devs). I am having Chromium, but this is mostly because of the YouTube. otherwise I am using qutebrowser. Partly because of shortcuts, but the second reason is that it is using very low space for „non content“ 🙂

In my setup, I start qutebrowser after my login, then I start „st“, screen inside this terminal (yes yes, I know, I should use tmux, but it is too late for me, I am a lost case, I already know shortcuts, so…) and I can start to work and have fun (irssi, vim, mpg123).

Other OSs: I have tried NetBSD and FreeBSD, both working very well. If I would need to chage this OpenBSD installation for something else, it would be NetBSD, it is my second most favourite BSD (or OS). Linux worked, that is expected because T420 was (and still is) a very popular laptop. OpenIndiana worked, there was just a tiny issue with sound which was too quiet. I do not know why, but to be honest, I did not put too much effort into getting to know the answer 😀

This laptop is also working with other minor OSs like Windows (versions 7 and 10, I have not tried 8 and there is no 9). So even if you need this OS for some reason, it may work 🙂 What I like about this laptop? Keyboard, that is for sure, I am not a huge fan of chicklet. And the lamp. I know, backlid keyboard would be even better, but the lamp is great 🙂 So iconic for IBM.

2. webhosting issues I have a domain kotrcka.de, there was (and still should be) a WordPress blog installed as a default presentation. I am not sure for how long, but today I have found that there is nothing when I try to enter www.kotrcka.de. There was also 404 error when I tried to enter WP admin. I checked the installation in control panel, it was still there, no warnings, no errors. So I asked my hosting company support what is happening and right now their only response was „you really had a wordpress installed and it worked?“. Well, yes I had, and yes it worked, that is why I am writing to you 😀 This part of this blog post will be short because the only fact I know right now is that my domain is not working (= I have a domain, but no content online).

UPDATE: blog is running again, since you are reading this text here 😀

3. Why I am using gopher Also, very briefly. When I started to explore opensource again, I have found that there is SDF. And there is gopher. And it does not need any browser to create content, you only need a text editor. So yeah, that is something for me. I can learn to use VIM and put some kind of online diary out there, It was a wise decisionif you imagine what happened just 1 month after that (hint: part 2 of this post 🙂 ). So I can write at my work, using a ssh session onto my home computer (I will write more about it later). Gopher is fun, gopher is future 🙂

4. Fast food While I am having night shifts, one of the biggest issues is – what should I eat. There is a limited possibility to cook something easy and fast, but I am too lazy or I do not have a time to be in the kitchen. So right now I tested 4 fast food chains. 3 international ones and one local. So, McDonalds, KF, BurgerKing – you may know these. And Bageterie Boulevard, a Subway style sandwich fast food with accent on healthier items on menu (like regular thing, not only twice a year).

Since they have the same item on the menu, it was easy to pick up what should I test. And also, I wanted to eat something else than just junk food all the time. So yes, Caesar salad with chicken meat. 4 variations of the same food from 4 companies.

Right now I am in the middle of the test but I can say that I liked the salad from McDonals already. Nice pieces of chicken meat, a lot of cheese, fresh vegetables and croutons (I do not know if I am writing this corrrctly – but you know, pieces of bread with garlic). I am not using any dressing because on the back side of the packaging it says that only the dressing itself contains 2 grams of salt. So thank you but no thank you 😀 To be continued …


<1> http://terastore.cz

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