Master installation of OpenBSD

OpenBSD in 30 minutes


If you read my previous posts, you should already know that I am huge fan of OpenBSD.

This post will be mostly for myself, but if you find it usefull, good for you 😀


Step 1. Install OpenBSD – nothing special what you can do

Step 2. Wifi – /etc/hostname.iwn0 – nwid NETWORK wpakey PASSWORD dhcp

Step 3. Install stuff – pkg_add -v vim screen irssi mpv zsh st ranger youtube-dl chromium

Step 4. Edit /etc/login.conf and change *datasize* to 2048

Step 5. Edit /etc/doas.conf – permit nopass username

Step 6. Edit /etc/fstab – ad softdep,noatime after rw

Step 7. Edit /etc/rc.local.conf – apmd_flags=“-A“ – reboot

Step 8. Remove (rename) /etc/X11/xenodm/Xsetup.0 to remove xconsole

Step 9. Edit /home/username/.xsession – setxkbmap XX & xset -b & cwm

Step 10. Enjoy

requested screenshot 😀

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