Last few days

Not much of an IT related happened in my life, I am
still using my OpenBSD machine more and more over the
Dell with Linux. Yeah, BTW, on my Manjaro machine I
already got a patch for those CPU bugs (or, if my
understanding is correct, for one of those bugs,
that intel related). Super fast response.

So I am mostly using my Lenovo with OpenBSD and I
also used my PowerPC machines more because of the
Winter PowerPC challenge ( forum).
In this challenge, you should use only PowerPC
computers for one week. I mean, Apple PowerPC, since
this is a „macrumors“ thing 😀

I was surprised how usable these machines still are.
OK, not really possible to do anything extensive on
a modern web. That is something you really can not do.
At least not on G4 machines, not even on my PowerBook
G4 with 1.5 GHz chip. But I have OpenBSD on this
one and there is no modern web browser available
anyway 😀

So, what I used the most was my PowerMac G4@400 with
1 GB of RAM and 120 GB HDD (PATA, mechanical).
IRC is working, that should not be a surprise for you.
Youtube is kind of working via downloading videos
with youtube-dl and playing them locally. Funny
thing is that VLC (some 0.8.6 version, last one for
Tiger) could not play those, MPlayer (at least the
version I was able to run) the same. Only SlowTime
with Perian codecs. But, that is OK for me, I do not
mind that, at least something works.

Nice experience was when I tried to find a restaurant
in Helsinki with TenFourFox and Google Maps.
Maps are full of javascript and other nice stuff,
so 400 MHz is like using a wooden calculator for
Bitcoin mining. Not really usable. It took me 15 minutes
to get to the right part of the Helsinki to get
the nema eof a shopping mall, then the name of the
restaurant and after that to check the menu on their
webpage to be sure that it is the right one 😀
I checked that on my modern PC, 55 seconds 😀

But on positive note, what is still possible to do
on this kind of PC? You can grab CDs into aac, you
can even edit HD (720p) videos from your phone (I
do not have anything with possibility of recording
1080p, s I can not check that). Yes, final rendering
is super slow and you probably need to run it overnight,
but editing is possible and pretty fast (adding
transition is a matter of 15-20 seconds to calculate).

I can imagine how powerful these machines were back in
early 2000s and I really can not even thing about doing
the same with Pentium 2 on 400 MHz 😀
Non IT related.

I will be travelling a lot during next 3 months. My
first trip will be on Februaty 2nd to Finland,
I will probably stay in Lahti for one night, then I
have a playn to visit Porvoo with my friend and I
will have another half of the day to find something
interesting to do nearby.

Then on March 2nd I will go to Amsterdam, I also will
be trying AirBnB for the first time, so I hope that
noone will kill me there or something. This will be
my first visit of the Netherlands, I am going there
to meet another penfriend and to visit some stores
dedicated to fountain pens – since this is like a
heaven for fountain pen lovers 🙂

Easter holidays – Sweden again. Not really planned
in details right now, but since I alredy was in
Stockholm, this time I want to see something
different and Uppsala is close, so.. Yeah. But again,
no plans yet and it is a holiday time so I need to
check how it is with opening hours of stores in Sweden.

And finally, Finland again. This is mostly because
there was a nice flight with Lufthansa via Frankfurt,
so I will check the huge airport, switch planes. But
no other plans in Finland yet. Probably some other
cities than Helsinki or Lahti, late April could be
even a good time to visit some more northern parts of
the country. By train, because I love trains 😀

That is all for today, happy Meltdowning everyone 🙂

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